Guesthouse & Gose Brewery ‘Bayrischer Bahnhof Leipzig’

The Bayrischer Bahnhof (or ‘Bavarian train station’) is located directly in the vicinity of our hotel and offers an unforgettable experience with its many different guest rooms. The ambience is also impressively complemented by culinary delicacies from the Bayrischer Bahnhof kitchen: traditional, varied and with distinct seasonal notes and trends.

The highly modern micro-brewery in Bayrischer Bahnhof has brought back the top-fermented, slightly effervescent, vitamin-rich Gose to Leipzig. Sample the different Gose creations – such as the ‘Sonnenschirm’ (Parasol) or the ‘Frauenfreundliche’ (Women Friendly) varieties – or relax over a freshly poured Pilsner called ‘Schaffner’, a wheat bear called ‘Kuppler’ or the ‘Heizer’, a robust dark beer.

Perhaps you might also like to combine your visit to Leipzig with one of the many special events hosted by the Bayrischer Bahnhof, including a beer seminar or a ‘Saitensprung’ string-music party.